Bradburys go global with sales expected to double in 2016

Bradburys continues to develop its export potential with established trade now in eight European countries as well as North America and the Middle East. Sales doubled in 2015 and are forecast to double again in 2016.


Amongst the emerging favourites are both British and Irish cheddars, a unique range of hand wrapped artisan cheese and white Stilton with additives, in particular, the mango and ginger. Bradburys also offer a wide range of waxed truckles, over 200 varieties of Cheddar, regional, blue, ewes, goats’ milk and more.

Bradburys have invested over £6 million in slicing, pre-packing, waxing line, tray sealer, mini portions, vacuum packing, thermoforming, hand wrap and store/affineur cheese to ensure the delivery of innovative solutions their customers.

With such impressive investment, a strong and talented team of labelling, packing and handling experts, a highly resourced technical team and the UK’s most knowledgeable team in the cheese trade, Bradburys stand in good stead to become the world’s most inspiring cheese business in 2016.