Meeting your needs

We work with a wide range of customers in the food industry, from major retailers in the UK and abroad, wholesale food suppliers and manufacturers, food service industries providing catering, breweries and airlines, as well as a growing export market.

With our passion and vision for the future trends of cheese and understanding consumer needs, we’ve invested in innovative supply chain partnerships and equipment to ensure we can add value for all of our customers and meet their different needs.

Technical Excellence

One of the major changes in the food industry of the past few years has been the increase in food safety processes and procedures. At Bradburys we believe that only the best quality standard should be applied at all times, that’s why we :-

  • Have accreditation to BRC (British Retail Consortium) Grade A standard
  • Have full traceability across all products entering our site, whether they are bulk cheese items, supplier pack items or produced on our own site
  • Have developed our own quality standards across production, warehouse and supply chain
  • Undertake supplier audits on an annual basis to ensure our supply base have quality standards to the same level as Bradburys

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