Export solutions

There is a growing demand across the world for Bradburys export range showcasing the best of British, Irish and European cheeses. Sourced from the finest award winning suppliers we have used our unique knowledge, experience and skills to ensure the range covers some of the most popular British, Irish and European cheeses selling abroad.

Established since 1884, Bradburys has extensive knowledge and unrivalled experience in the cheese industry. During that long history we have developed over 200 long standing partnerships with some of the best cheese producers in the UK and across 19 countries in Europe, providing you with the opportunity to consolidate your cheese supply.

Our range offers cheese to meet all export customer needs whether this be Retailer, Distributor, Foodservice or Speciality. We will provide a range tailored to individual countries and customers to ensure we comply with their regulations and restrictions.

And because we are committed to provide complete traceability across our supply chain for quality assurance and provenance, we’ve been able to meet all the technical documentation and legal requirements required by our export partners. With extensive supplier partnerships and long standing logistical and shipping processes in place, we are able to add value and build strong commercial relationships with our export customers.

For more information on our Export range, please see our brochure.

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