Meet our cheese expert

Richard Paul is one of the UK’s most widely revered cheese experts. As Bradburys Sourcing Director, Richard travels the length and breadth of the world looking for the finest cheeses to bring to our customers.

Richard has worked in cheese for over 20 years and his knowledge spans both UK and Continental cheeses, having visited many cheese making sites from large continental factories making thousands of tonnes per annum to small family artisan sites making a few tonnes a week. He previously chaired the International Cheese Awards for 6 years taking it to ‘The Largest Cheese show in the world’ with over 4,000 competition entries.

Richard Paul, Bradburys Cheese Sourcing Director

Richard’s all consuming passion for food and cheese means he loves meeting customers and talking all things cheese. Richard has written an article in Jean Christophe Nouvelli’s latest book and frequently speaks to restaurateurs and chefs about his latest cheese discoveries.

Most people ask him:

What is your favourite cheese?

‘The simple answer is that I don’t have one particular favourite! Cheese is such a versatile product with no one cheese being the same as another. Cheese can be eaten in different moods and moments, so I like Stilton on a sweet digestive biscuit as a dessert with a glass of red wine or gin. Alternatively with a glass of bubbles I would eat Parmigiano Reggiano 24 month broken into chunks. I have discovered that cheese is something that people and foodies are very passionate about, almost akin to wine and like wine they all have a place in different seasons, dining situations and occasions.

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