Spotlight on Brie with Truffle

brie with truffle

Headed up by Dutch cheese company ‘Kitchen on a Mission’, Brie with Truffle is a delicious, smooth cheese which makes a wonderful dish for entertaining guests.


Made from cow’s milk, Brie with Truffle is a creamy French Brie packed with finely chopped truffles and smooth cream cheese. With a fine and distinct earthy character, this mouth-watering delight pairs beautifully with a glass of red wine and an assortment of sweet fruits or nuts.

Available in 1 x 500g case size, this popular product holds a shelf of 16 days and is a great cheese to add to a luxury, gourmet cheese board.

Since being established in 2004, Kitchen on a Mission has become famous for the delicious, high-quality products that they make from the very best fresh ingredients. Due to their wide range of delicacies and Mediterranean delights which are produced in their very own kitchen, they are also a true favourite of the European market too.

A great cheese which is perfect for both the retail and catering sector.

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