Spotlight on Hotos Feta

Hotos Feta

Hotos is one of the leading producers of Feta and this versatile Greek cheese is a protected designation of origin product (POD) and a perfect ingredient for a variety of hot and cold dishes.


Made from 100% pasteurised sheep and goats milk and with a seven-month shelf life, Hotos Feta is available is cases of 12 x 200g and is a great addition to both the retail and catering sectors.

Hotos Feta is a medium-hard cheese with a pleasant, rich aroma. The cheese goes well as an appetiser or when it accompanies Mediterranean dishes, such as salads, spanakopita, pizza or pie. It also tastes delicious with olive oil, roasted red peppers and nuts, or as an accompaniment in a traditional Greek mezze.

Hotos combines almost a century’s worth of know-how with a state of the art creamery. The Hotos family tradition in cheese-making stretches back three generations and today the company still successfully remains family-managed despite its steady growth.

Recognised for its superior taste and quality, Hotos Feta has been awarded the London Golden World Quality Prize. Since its first production in the early 20th century, Hotos Feta has grown to become a well-known cheese that now boasts exceptional popularity in over 15 countries.

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