Spotlight on Ricotta


Ricotta is an incredibly versatile cheese which can be used in a variety of savoury and sweet dishes.


Boasting a delicious creamy texture combined with a mild, slightly sweet flavour, this Italian favourite is made from pasteurised Italian / EU cow’s milk and has a shelf of 28 days.

Headed up by Caseificio Villa, a popular dairy producer based near the northern Italian lake region, the company has become a well-reputed dairy producer for the EU Market over the past 50 years. Well-known for their large production of Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese, Caseificio Villa also has over 60 farms delivering milk daily around the region.

Ricotta cheese is available from Bradburys in case sizes of 6 x 200g. Since arriving on the scene, Ricotta has shown tremendous selling strength and has recently been listed in our biggest customer product group.

Its smooth, mouth-watering taste is well used as a cooking ingredient in several pasta dishes and is often served as a starter with salad. With each Ricotta pot also coming in a twin pack (2 x 100g), these pots are a perfect size to give to children as a healthy snack – something highly encouraged by the Italians!

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