Spotlight on Vernieres Roquefort

Roquefort web image

Roquefort, known as the ‘cheese of kings and popes’, is a popular cheese produced by Vernieres Freres, an independent family-run business in France.


Protected by AOC guidelines, Vernieres’ Roquefort is available from Bradburys in case sizes of 100g, 125g, 150g, 200g and 600g. From its date of delivery, this versatile sheep’s milk cheese has a shelf life of 90 days.

Vernieres began producing and distributing Roquefort in 1890 and it is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cheeses. Moulded in Vernières’ own dairy, Roquefort is then matured in naturally vented caves among the fallen rocks of Combalou, a process which helps give the sheep’s milk cheese its distinctive flavour.

With a tangy taste, Roquefort is a moist, creamy cheese with a crumbly nature. This versatile product is ideal as a tasty addition to a salad dressing and is often used in cooking sauces.

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