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    About Cricketers


    The story of Cricketer farm, and the famed Cheddar that bears its illustrious name is written into the history of Britains most challenging times.

    As London burned under bombing in second World War, Max Aitkin, later Lord Beaverbrook, came from Canada to help the mother country, the initial challenge was armaments, and this role made Lord Beaverbrook the right hand man of Winston Churchill. But his energy spread to modernising British farming which had declined over more than two decades and he gathered a group of around 12 farms into an efficient operation up to 1942, bringing in Kiwi, Sandy Copeland to teach the art of New Zealand grass feeding and bring greater output and quality at a time of Britains need for food.

    Out of this partnership arose the heritage of Cricketer Farm, a relationship that lasted for these two giants of business, publishing and farming for 36 years. The rich green lush pastures of the rolling Somerset plains gave birth to a name that has lasted more than 70 years. There is dispute about the naming of Cricketer Farm and it’s origin, but all first images left in the library show a deep love of Englands national game with pictures of the famous WG Grace and others prominent on their designs. Today the cheddar that carries the Cricketer name to the future is rich, resonant in flavour, with a long lingering balanced maturity of which the founding fathers would be proud. There are different age profiles ranging from 6 months, to 12 months and on to 18 months, with our special vintage 24 months being a limited edition. Sizes include 250g, 400g and delicatessen sizes for the counter


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