Bradburys White Stilton and Apricot Truckle 6x200g(N2016349)

Out of Stock Vegetarian Cows Milk Pasteurised
A creamy and fruity combination made at Shirevale from the purist stilton around - white stilton.


Succulent chunks of apricots bring a fruity, slightly acidic flavour to the creaminess and smoothness of white stilton. Shirevale makes the purest stilton with no blue mould and no aging process required, providing a fresh and clean taste. One of it s first flavour combinations, Apricot and Stilton is a Shirevale signature flavour known the world over.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy Kcal: 368.0
kj: 1,532.0
Fat: 25.0
Saturates: 16.7
Sugar: 10.3
Salt: 1.0

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