Lo-Col, keeping Cholesterol at bayPosted on 31st October 2018

What is LoCol?

LoCol is a cheese alternative product that tastes and performs like Cheddar cheese. This is because the product is made in exactly the same way, the only difference being that the cream is removed from the milk and replaced with vegetable oil. All other ingredients used are as per standard Cheddar cheese.
LoCol is matured in the same way as Cheddar and develops cheese flavour in exactly the same way.

The butterfat contained in standard Cheddar is the reason consumption of cheese containing milk-fat is discouraged by GP’s for people with high cholesterol. Butterfat contains two thirds saturated fat, these are fats most commonly associated with heart health risks. The Vegetable Oil that replaces the milk fat not only contains high levels of plant sterols but is also low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol and contains 75% less saturated fat than standard cheddar.

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