Oumi 1/4lb Burger 18x230g (2 x115g)(N2022046)

In Stock Vegetarian Cows Milk Pasteurised
Fresh grilling cheese burgers, an ideal alternative to meat and Halloumi for BBQs and grills. Made in Hungary from pure cow's milk, this pasteurised cheese is manufactured using traditional methods.


Oumi Grill Cheese is a great alternative to traditional Cypriot Halloumi cheese, made from pure cow s milk it is manufactured using the same traditions. Perfect for frying or grilling it can be heated to high temperatures retaining its unique folded shape whilst becoming perfectly browned. Its easy to cut and melts in the mouth.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy Kcal: 315.0
kj: 1,308.0
Fat: 25.0
Saturates: 16.3
Sugar: 1.5
Salt: 2.0

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