Every mouthful of our cow's milk cheeses can be traced back to the milk of a single dairy herd on a single farm, it's all part of the Northumberland Cheese Company philosophy

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    About Northumberland

    Founded in 1984 by Marc Robertson on Soppit Farm, in Elsdon, the Northumberland Cheese Company now has a gorgeous little cheese hub in Blagdon. Tucked away down Green Lane in Northumberland, the NCC is a lovely converted granary building which houses their Dairy, Despatch, Offices and their very own Cheese Loft Café.


    In the dairy, the cheesemakers lovingly handmade 16 farmhouse cheeses using Cow's milk from the estate less than two miles down the road, from our local Blagdon Cows. The Jersey cow milk comes from a single herd on Wheelbirks farm in Stocksfield in Northumberland, the Goats milk comes from a single herd at the Dolken Dairy in Cumbria and finally our Sheeps' milk comes from Lancashire. 

    Though Marc has now retired, he still remains close to the business and its now 30 staff. 

    All of our artisan cheese is pasteurised and vegetarian. You can buy cheese online today on our shop pages, or visit our Cheese Loft Cafe, for a truly Northumbrian experience. 

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