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    About Shirevale

    Shirevale is a White Stilton producer based in the village of Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire. It has been closely linked with the Bradburys business for many years. In 2014, Bradburys acquired Shirevale and brought it into the Bradburys group.


    Shirevale is different to other Stilton makers, as they don’t make any blue cheese on their site. So the cheese made at Shirevale has a cleaner, fresher taste than most of it’s rivals. This allows Shirevale’s Stilton to blended with fruit to create a range of fantastic tasting cheeses.

    Shirevale blended cheeses are now available in half moon deli formats, waxed truckles or retail thermoformed packaging


    Amongst the award winning portfolio of Shirevale cheeses :-

    • Classic White Stilton with Apricots

    • White Stilton with Mango and Ginger

    • White Stilton with Cranberries

    • White Stilton with Strawberries and Cream




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