Arrigoni is one of the most prestigious companies in the dairy and cheese industry, an all-round force from both a production as well as sales and marketing viewpoint.

This highly intricate structure has enabled Arrigoni to become a front-line player in the Italian cheese industry, asserting its position as market leader in Taleggio and taking on a role as reference point both in the production of traditional cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Crescenza and Quartirolo Lombardo, as well as in product innovation and research. The strong point that has enabled us to achieve such results over the years is undoubtedly the use of a complete supply chain:from the raw material to the finished product, from the land and farms to packaging and sales strategies.

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Castel Gorgonzola Piccante 2x600g

Gorgonzola is a wonderful crescendo of sharp, salty and spicy with a rich and creamy background. Creamier and sweeter than the...

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Gorgonzola Dolce 2x750g

A blue veined cheese with sweet yet subtle flavours and a mottled buttery consistency

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Taleggio 2kg

Taleggio is one of Italy s most popular cheeses which dates back centuries. Awarded Silver in the International Cheese Awards 2017...

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    About Arrigoni

    The mission of Arrigoni has always been seen as inextricably linked to the values of people, with the quality of the product as the ultimate goal, but also the quality of relationships, choices, and the overall relationship with all its stakeholders.
    The mission and values of Arrigoni are now lived daily by all the people that make up the enterprise. The largest capital at the disposal of the company today is its human resource, people who make the Brand live and uphold the value of quality, fueled by passion.

    At the end of the nineteenth century, Battista Arrigoni, following the flow of emigration that was typical of the time, leaves the Taleggio Valley for Texas at the age of 15. However, his transatlantic experience would only last a few years. 
    Arrigoni Battista becomes the supplier of Taleggio for well-known brand names. This choice means significant increase in production volumes. The company decides to move their farms and to enlarge its production structure. This cheese factory, in use till the late 90s, represents the decision of the Arrigoni family to become one of the major players in the dairy industry, and in particular in the production of Taleggio. 
    The production factory of Pagazzano is built. Its modern plants spreads over an area of 60,000 square meters of which about 15,000 are covered, guaranteeing Arrigoni products high standards.


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