Gorgonzola DolcePosted on 9th March 2018

Gorgonzola Dolce is a soft, blue cheese made from cow’s whole milk, popular for its spreadable texture. The cheese has a homogeneous distribution of blue coloured veins, a sweet yet subtle flavour and a mottled, buttery consistency

Gorgonzola’s name is that of a small town in Lombardy near Milan, where it is said to have been born in the twelfth century in order to retrieve a forgotten curd of the day before. The Arrigoni family can be traced back to the Valle Taleggio around the year one thousand. In 1920 they began the change from predominantly agricultural to milk processing and by 1935 had a small dairy located right inside the town of Pagazzano, producing primarily Taleggio and hard grating cheeses

Much like Gorgonzola Piccante, Dolce makes a great pairing with Port

•Gorgonzola mixed leaf salad
•Incorporate into a sauce for pasta dishes
•Add to stuffed peppers for a tasty starter


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