Montagnolo AffinéPosted on 25th June 2021

Montagnolo Affiné is a pasteurised and vegetarian, award-winning Cow’s Milk cheese produced in Germany.  As a triple cream, this delicious blue cheese has a rich and buttery texture and a subtle spiciness and with an interior laced with fine blue cultures that give it a distinctive, slightly sweet aroma and delicate creaminess.


Serving Suggestions:

This cheese is perfectly served with something a little sweet such as fresh fruit particularly pears, a fig jam or your favourite chutney on crackers or a fresh crusty bread. A slice of Montagnolo also makes a deliciously unique topping to a homemade burger.


Drink Pairings:

Wine – Serve with a crisp white wine or fruity red to cut through the creaminess and balance the flavours such as a German Resiling, Champagne or a Pinot Noir.

Beer – We suggest serving this cheese with an Indian Pale Ale or Bavarian Wheat

Whisky – The balanced and delicate blends of Speyside and Lowland whiskies pair well with the richness of Montagolo. If you happen to be in Germany look for Slyrs whisky, Bavarias first single malt whisky as this breaks down some of the creaminess of the cheese and together they pair wonderfully releasing spicy citrus notes from the young whisky.



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